State-of-the-art servers require a State-of-the-art colo

Maximize your colocation footprint with a scalable, high power density data center.

No more unusable legacy space and racks with expensive cross-connects.

Properly scale your virtualized, multi-node, high performance computing at DataHub Verne.

Lower TCO

Unmatched Scalability

Private & Hybrid Cloud Deployment

Enhance Your Team

Higher Power Density Lowers Your TCO

Power density is the key to driving down your operating costs. Maximize your footprint with fully-populated racks. Less racks mean less network gear, cabling, and power circuits.

The future is for sharing.

-John Stotter, CEO DataHub Verne

Our Offering

  • Every rack is capable of delivering up to 25 kW of power
  • Pay by the kW consumed, not full circuit potential

The Advantages

  • Full racks means fewer cabinets to lease
  • Scale 1 kW at a time, versus a full circuit at a time
  • Reduce management overhead and capex (cabling, cross-connects, CDUs, network gear)
  • No need for expensive ROFRs on contiguous space

Your TCO Benefit

  • Reduce monthly OpEx by 20-50%+
  • Simplified, condensed IT operations
  • Match costs directly to actual consumption
  • Free up dollars and operating resources for other projects
Scale Effortlessly

Our dense racks and pricing model simplify your designs.
DataHub Verne has ample power, cooling, and contiguous floor space. No need for scattered, overheated servers or small, expensive legacy power circuits to increase your operating risks.

Grow Vertically, Not Horizontally

With 25 kW per rack just draw more power in your existing footprint as you grow. No need for new racks.

Simple Power Pricing

Pay-As-You-Grow. Scale out in 1kW increments.

Reliable Power

Our standard 60amp/ 208v/ 3-phase circuits leave you plenty of overhead to grow or handle power spikes. And far fewer potential sources of failure and risk.

Optimized for High Performance Computing

Trouble scaling Big Data deployments in your current colo? Not at DataHub Verne.

Modern HPC architectures need power scalability and reliability. Servers using up to 1 kW per RU are under-served in legacy 5 kW per rack facilities. Our modern cabinets, high capacity electrical circuits and efficient cooling reduce operating failure risk and improve application performance.

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