The next chapter in data center telemetry and service optimization

Workload Visualization

See all of your data center assets and the workloads they are running—in real-time.

Physical Environment

Combine information about the physical environment (temperature, humidity, etc.) with server status to make better decisions

Infrastructure Management

View and control all aspects of the infrastructure—enables remote monitoring and management.

Offered via SaaS

Run on your infrastructure—or ours. Sign up for DataHub Verne’s managed cloud service.

Visualize Your Data Center

Our SaaS ingests environmental and server telemetry in real time and provides a GUI and an API for understanding and controlling the infrastructure assets. Operators use this to remotely monitor and administer data center assets, whether centralized or distributed across regional and edge locations.

Container Configuration and Deployment

Mapping and infrastructure management and Container Bootstrapping

Containerized infrastructure management capabilities that extend beyond traditional container orchestration and monitoring tools. Incorporates physical and logical environmental awareness into scalable and efficient deployment, management and configuration of infrastructure and services.

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