Data Hub Verne is strategically located close to CEZ Power Plant Prunerov II, providing a stable and economically attractive source of energy.

Adjacent national transmission network provides resilience.

Prime source of power: CEZ Prunerov II Power Plant

  • One of the largest power stations in the Czech Republic
  • It has five 210MW turbines
  • Major investment completed for three new blocks with capacity 250MW each
  • Production secured for 25 years
  • Significant air pollution reductions (SOx -57%, NOx -59%, CO2 -31%)
  • 150MW of power dedicated solely for Data Hub Verne
  • Direct connection to power plant offers security of supply
  • Lowest electricity price in the Czech Republic
  • Dedicated off grid supply
  • Alternative and renewable energy sources
  • The surrounding area of Centrepoint Verne Industrial Park has several possibilities for solar power plant development (50+ ha)
  • Infrastructure for connecting renewable sources is currently ready to use
  • Gas connection to the site Verne is available and has capacity to provide essential energy source
  • Hydro Power plant with pumped storage is being constructed in close proximity
  • Photovoltaic Power plant is also planned for development by CEZ
  • Windmill park in Chomutov is coming to the market with 146MWe of power
  • EP Renewable Wind Farm project is being developed to provide 60MWe of power
  • Data Hub Verne is able to secure more than enough energy to provide 150MW data services guaranteed for 25 years.

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